Website Hosting

Problems with downtime, maintenance, security, bandwidth and funding means a lot of companies look to external solutions, and that’s where cloud web hosting comes in. DataSys can offer a range of hosting requirements on various platforms to your requirements. We can build a bespoke environment to suit your plans and offer 100% uptime due to dedicated virtual servers for maximum high availability.

For businesses that have additional resources or require more from their cloud web hosting solution, there’s the option to upgrade from shared hosting to a fully managed, dedicated service. This gives a business their own cloud environment for a high level of control and full customisation capabilities, allowing the solution to be devised according to individual business needs, offering a high level of scalability and total control over resources.

Currently these solutions are only available for Linux or Windows OS, but they’re ideal for SMEs that run such systems and who are looking for maximum availability, high performance solutions at minimal cost.

Please contact us to find out more about pricing and options.